4D Ultrasound 14 week

The importance of the medical advancements is immense, as is made obvious by 4D ultrasound scan. Though the 4D appears to be very similar to the 2D and the 3D, the additional ‘D’ or dimension here is ‘time’, which means that now it is possible to create live action images of one’s unborn child.  A pregnant woman would be able to catch glimpses of the baby in real time manner, watching it squint, kick, smile in bliss, or simply suck its thumb.

Each and every movement of the baby can be observed with the help of 4D ultrasound. The 4d ultrasound becomes even more important in the 14th week, wherein the first few movements begin to take place, the facial features of the baby start becoming clearer and the brain impulses start kicking in, eliciting responses from the baby in ht form of emotions and expressions.

Pregnancy seems more real the second trimester onwards – the growth of the baby becomes more apparent and each of its movements can be felt. The size of the baby will have grown too, as revealed by the 4d ultrasound. The baby would measure around 3.5 to 4 inches or 9 to 9.5 centimeters from crown to rump, and would weigh around 44 grams. One need not panic if the actual statistics differ slightly, and periodic checkups and 4d ultrasound 14 weeks scans and reports would ensure that any irregularity would be brought to the notice of the gynecologist.

It can be noted that the body of the baby would now grow at a faster rate than the head itself. The skin would still be parchment thin and transparent, but lanugo or thin hair would cover the skin now. One may be able to discern the eyebrows, and the hair on the baby’s head would grow further in terms of length and thickness.

Though the lanugo would appear downy and dense, it will disappear before the child’s birth, as its purpose is to only protect the baby’s skin while it is surrounded by water. The downy, thin hair meant for insulation, and would disappear as soon as fat deposits under the baby’s skin, and the lanugo will no longer be needed for regulation of temperature as well as protection.

The baby would practice exercising its facial muscles now and will be able to emote – it can appear forlorn and grimaced, may frown, try to grasp things with its arms, and squint its eyes. The 4d ultrasound 14 weeks can project one or more of these expressions, which can be the sign of a healthy brain development and its impulses.

The baby can also be seen sucking its thumbs, or smiling with contentment. The eyes would start to move towards the centre of the face, and the facial features like nose and cheekbones would be more pronounced and easily discernible. Ears would be fully formed, and the bones would become stronger.

The baby would try to test and improve the strength of the muscles by kicking out and moving a lot more than before, and the mother would be able to feel these small jerks and movements inside the uterus. The movements and their strength would continue to grow more vigorously in the future from this point onwards.

Although the sex organs can hardly be discerned by the onlookers with the exception of nurses and the doctor, the gender of the baby can be determined through the 4d ultrasound 14 weeks – the ovaries for a girl start moving down to the center, while the prostate gland begins to develop for a boy. The hormonal changes are now beginning to show according to the sex of the baby. The breathing movements of the baby can now be seen in the 4d ultrasound scan. The baby will now be able to pass urine, which will go into the amniotic fluid around the fetus. This shows the growth of the kidneys as well.

This growth spurt of the baby would continue for the oncoming weeks – the baby would triple in length, grow to weigh a pound, and would move and kick all the more vigorously.

As the size of the baby grows, the uterus inside the mother’s womb would also grow along in order to accommodate the growth and provide proper support to the baby. The uterus would have weighed 140 grams or 5 ounces around a week ago, but now it would grow alongside the placenta to weigh 250 grams or 8.75 ounces. The amount of amniotic fluid around the fetus would also increase in volume to about 250ml. This would also mean that the mother will no longer need to pee a lot any longer, and the frequency of urination would reduce, as the grown uterus will be able to accommodate a lot more water than the earlier usual mark.

The uterus will now be the size of a small melon, and feeling the baby will be easier. The position of the baby can be seen through the 4d ultrasound scan, but one can also feel the baby about 3 inches below the belly button. The fourteen week development mark would put an end to the misery of morning sickness spree, and a pleasant feeling would replace the same. Though the constipation continues in several cases, the steady growth of the baby and the new signs of a healthy growth serve to keep the mother happy and glowing with expectation.

The mother would still need to very careful about their eating habits and intake of nutritional diet. The additional release of the hormone called progesterone continues to affect the digestive system, resulting in the development of aversion towards certain foods. However, the 14th week of pregnancy marks the beginning of the ‘chow down’ period, and the subsiding of morning sickness is yet another factor that signals the same.

4d ultrasound is also helpful in spotting troubles in pregnancy as soon as possible, thus avoiding delay in action and facilitating immediate response to the problem.